UV Filter & Lens Tinting Service

Long exposure to UVA and UVB rays can damage the eye, so a UV filter is always recommended for lenses to be used as sunglasses. By adding a UV filter to prescription lenses, spectacle wearers can protect themselves. Our lens service provides 100 percent UVA and UVB block up to 400 nanometres.

We also offer a range of tints (mono, graduated and rainbow) including fashion colours such as yellow, pink and blue. Colour tints can be combined with ultra-violet protection if required. For more information please download our Tinting Factsheet.

Tinting Fact Sheet


A semi-transparent mirror coating applied on the convex surface of a tinted or polarising lens. It is combined with an anti-reflective coating on the concave surface with back UV protection. Great for sports – while the reflective front surface prevents some of the bright light entering the lens the underlying tint enhances contrast to improve judgement of distance and spatial awareness. Ideal for sunglasses – the sunglass tint and ultraviolet block give protection from bright sunlight, dangerous ultraviolet rays and the reflective front surface gives a great look.

Lenses supplied with optiFLASH UV have UVA and UVB protection, if not already present in the lens, the relevant tint for the requested flash colour, unless specified otherwise. Hardcoating on both surfaces of the lens. Multi-layer broadband anti-reflective coating on the concave surface of the lens. Mirror effect front surface in the chosen colour and oleophobic, hydrophobic topcoat to repel dirt, dust, water and grease.

Available colours

  • optiFLASH Blue – achieved with a grey/blue lens tint@ 20 – 25% LTF
  • optiFLASH Silver – achieved with a grey/blue lens tint@ 20 – 25% LTF
  • optiFLASH Green – achieved with a grey/blue lens tint@ 20 – 25% LTF
  • optiFLASH Red – achieved with a Brown lens tint@ 20 – 25% LTF
  • optiFLASH Gold – achieved with a Brown lens tint@ 20 – 25% LTF


Although it is possible to change the lens tint colour from our standard, Optimum cannot be responsible for the appearance of the finished lens. The addition of a temporary anti-slip layer allows efficient glazing without the worry of lens movement. This is easily removed after edging.

All our lens coatings are supplied with a 2 year guarantee.

Email or call 01524 541 540 to find out more about our tinting and filter service.

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