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Our Quality Policy

Optimum Coatings Ltd exists to provide cost effective eyewear products and services that meet customer expectations in all aspects of customer care, speed of delivery, lifespan, quality and reliability. We provide these products and services in a manner that supports the strategic direction of our business whilst maintaining the best interests of our interested parties.

We are committed to implementing and operating a management system that complies at all times with the requirements of the statutory and regulatory framework within which we operate, including the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system standard.

Optimum Coatings Ltd will ensure that all our personnel are aware of the importance of compliance at all times to the policies and procedures that control our management system and our business.

We will make appropriate documentation available to our personnel, our customers and our other interested parties using meetings throughout the business, our website and social media.

Optimum Coatings Ltd will improve the effectiveness of its management system on a continual basis. Our aim is to become one of Europe’s premier and most professional independent One Stop Shop providing a complete ophthalmic solution.

We will communicate with each other, our customers and our other interested parties in a manner that demonstrates the utmost respect and courtesy in all matters regarding our business activities.

Paul Bailey MBA ACMA
Managing Director

Valid from 1st January 2019

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