Single Vision, Hard Anti-reflection Coated Lenses

Do you find it frustrating having to purchase prescription lenses from one supplier, request coatings from another, and deal with yet another supplier for stock single vision lenses? Well not any longer. After extensive research we’ve entered into an agreement with Mitsui Chemicals – one of the world’s leading lens manufacturers – to bring you excellent quality lenses at budget prices.



At the request of customers, Optimum RX Lens Specialists launched our optiSTAR range.  You can now purchase all of your lenses from just one trusted and professional provider – saving you administration time and carriage costs!


  • All 1.5 index lenses are manufactured from true CR39, and not acrylic like some cheaper lenses available on the market.
  • High index lenses are MR™ series which mean they have great strength and ideal for rimless glazing, plus they also include full UV Block.

All lens coatings are hard anti-reflection with a hydrophobic top coat. In testing they match our popular and leading optiMAR brand for performance and durability. 

We can supply all popular powers from stock next day and the rest of the range within a couple of days.  Any quantity can be supplied from one lens upwards.

All our lens coatings are supplied with a 2 year guarantee.

Email or call 01524 541 540 to find out more about our single vision lenses.

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