Optimum In The Press

Optimum In The Press

Optician Magazine driving lenses Feb23

Optician Magazine
February 2023

Optimum Coatings says its optiform Drive InMotion lens is a revolutionary option for drivers seeking superior visual….

Optician Magazine photochromic lenses Jan23

Optician Magazine
January 2023

Optimum says its Optichromic lenses are optimised for fast adaptation to changing light conditions and can perform…

Optician Magazine High tech lenses Oct22

Optician Magazine
October 2022

Driving is a complex task that demands the best vision possi- ble. OptiForm Drive inMotion from Optimum Coatings….

Optician Magazine informed Aug22

Optician Magazine
August 2022

Optimum Coatings has sponsored a new library at the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) College….

Optician Magazine Digital lifestyle lenses

Optician Magazine
July 2022

Optimum describes Optiform Smart-2 as an anti-fatigue lens created expressly for current lifestyle trends…

Optician Magazine sports lenses Apr22

Optician Magazine
April 2022

Optimum Coatings says dynamic vision is the key to success in outdoor environments and its Optiform Sport lens…

Optician Magazine Sun lenses Rx Mar22

Optician Magazine
March 2022

Lancashire-based Optimum Coatings says its thinnest ever polarised lens to date, the Optimum Sun, is a 1.74…

Optician Magazine Optimum Rx Lens Specialists

Optician Magazine
May 2020

Simon Jones looks at the rise of Optimum Coatings in the ophthalmic lens lab market…


Eyes Magazine
July 2017

Optimum RX Lens Specialists has invested heavily in freeform production using the latest Digital Ray-Path technology to cater for this demanding market….

Eyes magazine Jan 2016

Eyes Magazine
December 2016

“We are really excited about our new product ST Laserstrike, combining aviation safety…

Eyes magazine Jan 2016

Eyes Magazine
July 2016

Optimum has been the lens and coating supplier of choice for both opticians and optical laboratories for fifteen years…

Lancashire Business View Feb 2016

Lancashire Business View
February 2016

A specialist lens manufacturer has set its sights on further expansion with help from the Lancashire Business Growth Fund…

Eyes Magazine Jan 2016

Eyes Magazine
January 2016

Hard coat expectations need to be managed better to meet consumer expectations…

Eyes Magazine Dec 2015

Eyes Magazine
December 2015

For 2016, our customers are going to see and benefit from a lot of changes…

Eyes Magazine Nov 2015

Eyes Magazine
November 2015

Optimum has developed optiBlue, a specialist lens coating to reduce blue light…

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