optiMEYES Single Vision Lens

optiMEYES Single Vision Lens

optiMEYES - Optimum RX Lens Specialists


Personalised free-form single vision lens that, thanks to its state-of-the-art design, offer unparalleled visual quality

The ideal lens to enjoy day to day, without limitations. optiMEYES lenses were designed for modern lifestyles. The visual quality, clarity and comfort of these premium single vision lenses are impeccable which, alongside advanced freeform technologies, makes this lens the perfect choice for active people.

Wearer gets a completely personalised lens that eliminates oblique aberrations. The result is a lens with excellent clarity and comfort regardless of the prescription or type of frame chosen.


  • Total personalisation
  • Maximum optical quality for any prescription
  • Compatible with any material and base curve
  • Thinner and lighter lenses
  • High precision and high personalisation due to IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology
  • Clear vision in every gaze direction
  • Oblique astigmatism reduced
  • Possibility to input the frame shape for accurate calculation
  • Frame shape personalisation available

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optiMEYES - Single Vision lens - Optimum RX Lens Specialists

Due to the integration of our services, we are able to offer highly competitive prices for supplying lenses with coatings and glazing – great value for you and your customers.

All our lenses are subject to our trading Terms & Conditions and Returns Policy.  Apologies, but unwanted prescription lenses cannot be refunded. A patient guarantee card will be issued with all qualifying orders.

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