Lens Supply and Manufacture

Prescription RX Lens Manufacture & Supply

We offer a comprehensive prescription Lens Supply Service for a broad range of lens types, inclusive of coatings. Plus we offer FREE lens optimisation, the latest calculation software and advanced generation capability too.

Our selection of lenses

  • Single Vision Surfaced & Stock Lenses
  • Bi-Focal
  • Standard Progressives
  • Digital Surface Progressives
  • Sun & Photochromic


Optimum RX Lens Specialists have launched a new optiSTAR range.  So you can now purchase all of your lenses from just one trusted and professional provider – saving you administration time and carriage costs!


The Free Form surface on the back side of the lens reduces aberrations normally created by the spherical curve on the front side.

optiFORM-Logo-Optimum RX Lens Specialists


A personalised, back surface Freeform® progressive lens, offering clear vision in all zones. Freeform® technology is the worlds most advanced surfacing technology for creating premium finished lenses.

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