cocoa mint 2018 sunwear collection

Cocoa Mint Prescription Sunwear

The Cocoa Mint Sunwear collection comprises 22 designer-infused pieces that bring the brand’s distinctive style of ‘relaxed glamour’ to life. An utterly desirable selection of acetate and metal pieces, the 2018 collection radiates modern femininity, adding a touch of on-trend appeal, as well as subtly drawing on the retro metallics trends that again proved a highlight on the 2018 catwalks.

CMS 2045
(53 17 140)

NEW FOR 2018

A return to full scale glamour, CMS2045, is a highly stylised fashion statement with striking metallic detailing. A metal bridge integrates seamlessly with the eye rims ensuring a light fitting frame. As a clear ‘must-have’ for 2018, this frame strikes the perfect balance between femininity and modernity. Available in a luxe gold and black combination or a ‘barely there’ blush acetate with rose gold mirror lenses. This frame is the ultimate style statement.

CMS 2044
(55 18 135)

NEW FOR 2018

Shimmer is set to shine again in 2018, with the new-season catwalks proving a master class in sequins. Turning up the fashion dial, Cocoa Mint CMS 2044 C1 features genuine Swarovski crystal fabric inset into a stunning gold casing along the temple front, for the ultimate in luxe glamour. Composed of the finest quality high-gloss tortoiseshell and complementary grey/green lenses, this piece is perfect for women looking for a flattering over-size look.

CMS 2043
(54 17 135)

NEW FOR 2018

With a fashion forward eye shape and ice blue mirror lenses, this frame is an incredibly flattering interpretation of the round eye trend and will be taking the main stage this season. CMS2043 is an incredibly flattering interpretation of the rounded eye trend and is available in a stunning marbled blue. Sculpted temples add impact without detracting from the sultry blue tones of the eye front and lenses. With the latest runways heavily featuring this colour, this frame is guaranteed to be a head turner.

CMS 2042
(54 14 140)

NEW FOR 2018

For 2018 we have re-imagined our top selling Swarovski style in an extremely flattering butterfly eye shape, which is particularly suitable for oval face shapes. Genuine Swarovski crystal fabric encases the temples for the ultimate in summer sparkle. Available in a classic black with dazzling silver crystal fabric or an olive base and sophisticated golden sparkle. Not just for Christmas, glitter is fast becoming a perennial favourite due to the fact that it looks fantastic in the sun.

CMS 2041
(55 17 135)

NEW FOR 2018

Crystal accents are the order of the day and we have introduced this subtle cat eye-shape in three dazzling new colour combinations. This frame is available in an understated gloss black with jet Swarovski fabric, an incredibly flattering navy shade or a blush tortoiseshell. With glitter, lamé and sequins being hot news on the catwalks, this style is guaranteed to be a popular choice.

CMS 2040
(50 19 140)

NEW FOR 2018

The CMS2040 breathes fresh life into a Cocoa Mint signature style. With a perfectly balanced round eye shape and keyhole bridge, this style draws inspiration from some of our best-selling designs and colour and is guaranteed to be one of this summer’s favourites. This frame has two gorgeous colours, including a vintage inspired light tortoiseshell or a sophisticated interpretation of the colour-blocking trend combining a standout teal, black and lime marbled acetate with slick, black sides.

CMS 2039
(54 18 135)

NEW FOR 2018

The rose tortoiseshell of this frame is the cool girl’s way to tap the feminine trend for romantic accents. The richly marbled rose hue is highly complementary on the majority of skin tones. Particularly suited to those with round-shaped faces, the soft d-shape silhouette is perfectly alluring and paired with chic sculpted temples offers effortless sophistication.

CMS 2038
(54 18 135)

NEW FOR 2018

Vintage references remain ubiquitous and this model is a perfect example of retro done exceedingly well. The slightly oversized square silhouette of the eye front is balanced with slim, highly polished acetate and metal combination temples inspired by a classic vintage design. Tortoiseshell still remains a key colourway for the 2018 season due to its versatility and enduring appeal so, making this style is bang on trend.

CMS 2037
(56 18 140)

NEW FOR 2018

This season, softer hues are making a comeback and CMS 2037 is the ideal choice with its frosted beige eye front, a shade which looks absolutely stunning or both darker skin tones and tanned skin. Tortoiseshell highlights on the eye front extend onto the temples to strike a goddess worthy balance. The inclusion of CR39 optical quality lenses with a highly flattering brown graduation, result in a very easy-on-the-eye style.

CMS 2036
(55 18 140)

NEW FOR 2018

Get sun ready stylishly with CMS 2036, a signature style for the 2018 Cocoa Mint Sun range. This frame includes a deep rounded eye shape which is universally flattering and is beautifully finished with rounded gold end pieces and hinges. It features braided (vegan) leather temples in a designer white creating a striking contrast with the gloss black of the frame.

CMS 2035
(54 18 140)

NEW FOR 2018

Paying homage to the cat’s eye, style 2035 is particularly flattering on angular face shapes. Fusing vintage styling influences with an overt attention to detail, the highly polished tortoiseshell is subtly branded with a laser etched logo on the outer temples. This is an incredibly versatile frame and is suitable for any situation; from the sun on the ski slopes to relaxing on the beach, stay beautiful while you shield your eyes.

CMS 2034
(56 18 140)

NEW FOR 2018

This year we have created a new version of our award-winning, iconic sun style with slim line eye rims. A contemporary edge is added via the slightly angular top line of the eye front. Designed in a gloss black acetate with gold-tone temples and finished with the Cocoa Mint logo beautifully embossed, this frame will be incredibly sought after for 2018.

CMS 2033
(50 21 140)

NEW FOR 2018

The reign of retro styling continues with CMS 2033; an authentic vintage round eye with metal bridge and temples. With subtly branded temples, a chic and timeless look is well achieved. Designed in a mellow honey tortoiseshell shade. The round silhouette shape of this frame is perfect for balancing square or heart face shapes.

CMS 2032
(53 18 135)

NEW FOR 2018

Designed to flatter rather than overshadow, style 2032 is an instant classic which is destined to become an ever present frame for 2018. Adding a layer of luxury to summer wardrobes, light tortoiseshell is paired with highly polished black temples and soft gold hardware. Offering a tailored, yet casual silhouette the retro influenced eye shape is suitable for all face shapes.

CMS 2031
(54 16 140)

NEW FOR 2018

Built on a feminine colour palette of purple with rose gold highlights, this style has been designed for the more classical Cocoa Mint wearer. The rich, purple and pink infused tortoiseshell is highly complementary on virtually all skin tones. The slim line acetate temple is instantly recognisable as the signature Cocoa Mint side which also features throughout the optical collection.

CMS 2030
(52 17 140)

NEW FOR 2018

Cut to a cat-eye silhouette, these sunglasses ooze subtle glamour. The blonde tortoiseshell acetate is complemented by gold toned trims and gloss black temples. With a smaller eye size and subtle olive lenses, this frame is perfect for the petite sunglass wearer. Signature branding on the temples, tips and lenses capture the refined elegance of the Cocoa Mint brand.

CMS 2557
(50 21 140)

NEW FOR 2018

Round frames are everywhere on the streetwear scene and this frame is an absolute ‘must-have’ for 2018. The round-frame silhouette is perfectly balanced, surprisingly easy to wear and is particularly flattering on square faces. A contrast to the dark oversized sunglasses, which have dominated over the past few seasons, this petite round eye is a masterclass in minimalism. Designed in a rose gold plating, bringing a touch of warmth to the face.

CMS 2558
(59 14 140)

NEW FOR 2018

This season, the classic aviator gets a feminine update with rose gold plating and blush tortoiseshell trim and tips. Rose gold mirror lenses have received the street-style seal of approval and 2558 showcases this trend to perfection. A flourish of retro charm can be seen in the vintage inspired temples. The aviator eye shape is a timeless style for all seasons and will work everywhere from the slopes, to the city, to the sea.

CMS 2029
(54 18 135)

A guaranteed head turner, style CMS2029, features an exaggerated cat-eye silhouette to create a full coverage sunglass. The eye front is designed in gloss black for maximum impact and is paired with luxe beige tortoiseshell sides. Temples are with a designer lead textured effect, which is polished to perfection and finished with a directional metal end piece.

CMS 2025
(55 17 135)

Glitter, lamé and sequins are sweeping the streets and Cocoa Mint is at the forefront with CMS2025. Genuine Swarovski crystal fabric encases the temples for the ultimate in summer sparkle. Glitter is fast becoming a perennial favourite due to the fact that it looks fantastic in the sun. We have introduced this style in two gorgeous colourways; a “must-have” black and a designer inspired honey coloured tortoiseshell.

CMS 2022
(56 17 135)

Designed in the shape to note now, the universally flattering cat-eye silhouette of CMS2022 is the perfect partner to the glitter infused acetate temples. Fans of the Cocoa Mint range will recognise the temple design as this also features on the iconic CM9023 and CM9026. The colour choice is a chic black and gold for the ultimate in understated glamour.

CMS 2021
(55 15 140)

Modern, versatile and chic, CMS2021 is an exciting new addition to the Cocoa Mint Sun range. The stunning temple trim is inspired by leather braiding on luxury handbags. The horn acetate material is a tonal mix of beige, olive and charcoal and has been designed to complement the subtly branded gloss black temple trim. The graphic silhouette offers a dose of cool and is particularly flattering on round face shapes.

CMS 2020
(57 17 137)

Designed to be worn anywhere, CMS2020 is a masterclass in modern femininity. The on-trend metal bridge adds a lightness to the subtle cat-eye silhouette. A sophisticated interpretation of the colour-blocking trend, the lugs are a rich tortoiseshell, which creates a stunning contrast to the deep navy of the frame. Finished with super-fine metallic logo branding on the temples, this frame offers an instant style update.

CMS 2019
(52 19 135)

The reign of retro styling continues with CMS2019; an authentic vintage round eye with keyhole bridge. Designed in a warm, amber tortoiseshell, this hue is highly complementary on the majority of skin tones. Note the dual bar temple detailing, which is subtly logo branded and housed around a flex hinge.

CMS 2018
(51 21 135)

A cult classic, CMS2018 is composed of a retro combination eye front and sleek acetate temples. Metal bridges, such as the one on this model, are big news in stylish circles this season. Minimally detailed with gold pins on the eye front and signature ‘CM’ detailing on the sides, this on-point style is a chic choice for vacations or festivals. Fitted with high quality, grey graduated lenses in the finest quality CR39 UV400 material.

CMS 2017
(50 19 140)

A retro mainstay, round frames remain a key look this season. This style has proved it’s firmly in the fashion fold, something we attribute to its perfectly balance round eyeshape and keyhole bridge. Vintage references remain ubiquitous and this model is a perfect example of retro done exceedingly well. The soft and subtle taupe acetate of C1 is this year joined by an incredibly versatile grey striation. Both colours are highly polished exuding designer quality.

CMS 2016
(56 17 140)

Adding a touch of glamour to the range is style CMS2016. A classic black eyefront is paired with a rich and vibrant purple tortoiseshell variation. Tonal gold accents, in the form of the logo branding and metal end piece, showcase the honey highlights in the temple material. Note the beautifully crafted metal end piece cleverly cut out and softened around the hinge to protect itself.

CMS 2556
(57 15 140)

Turning the ordinary extraordinary, CMS2556 offers a new twist on the classic aviator with its highly polished acetate eye rims. Metal bridge detailing is key this season and has been seen in abundance on the catwalks. The classic gold and tortoiseshell colour combination is truly timeless and highly complementary on a wide range of skin tones.

CMS 2555
(59 14 140)

Aviators continue to be a retro mainstay and the high impact blue mirror lenses of CMS2555 give an instant confidence-imbued transformation. The slim, highly polished gold temples with integrated hinge are modern and work with every outfit. The trend focused aviator shape is a designer eyeshape and perfectly showcases the on point baby blue mirrored lenses.

CMS 2554
(57 13 135)

A classic aviator never goes amiss, as illustrated by CMS2554. This smaller fitting aviator is perfect for petite face shapes and offers balance within the collection. Available in a champagne gold with chocolate and lilac acetate temples and subtle logo branding on the tips and nose pads.

CMS 2553
(59 16 140)

Metal eye rims were big news on the catwalk this season and CMS2553 is a stunning interpretation of the trend with its fashion-forward cat-eye shape and keyhole bridge. Designed specifically for Cocoa Mint devotees who desire a metal frame, but would like an aviator alternative. The high gloss midnight blue of the frame is tempered via silver temples for a sophisticated, paired-back look.

CMS 2551
(60 14 135)

A highly fashionable aviator shape is given instant appeal with on-trend teal lug detailing and turquoise temples. The epitome of cool, CMS 2551 is available with grey graduated lenses and is finished with lavish gold detail. This frame perfect to flaunt on a sun kissed beach.

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