Download The 2024 Optimum RX Group Price List!

Our latest price list showing our vast product range is now available to download. In addition to this,  the 2024 product list showing the same lens availability but without prices can also be downloaded. This is a great dispensing companion at the front of practice. If you would like to receive a hard copy, please call customer service who will be happy to send these out to you.

We provide a full lens production service, including traditional methods and three free form production lines allowing us to manufacture some of the most complex lenses available like prism-controlled progressives, ultra-high minus blended lenticulars, franklin splits and slab off lenses to name but a few. In addition to this, our lens coating department offers the very latest in lens coating technology.

Combining all this with our extensive tinting and glazing capabilities really makes us a one-stop solution for your business. Apart from our own brands, we work with all leading lens manufacturers enabling us to manufacture, source and supply any brand of lens, giving you greater choice from just one supplier.