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Whatever Your Prescription, Optimum RX Lens Specialists Has A Clear Solution

Optimum RX Lens Specialists is an independent ophthalmic manufacturing company. We supply and manufacture a wide range of lenses and coatings for the ophthalmic industry including hard coating, anti-reflection coatings, mirror coatings and lens tinting. We also manufacture and supply prescription Rx lenses, including complex and speciality lenses and our own range of free form lenses. Our laboratory uses state of the art cleaning and lacquering technology together with the most advanced processes and equipment to ensure a consistent high quality service every time.

Optimum is the Rx lens and coating supplier of choice for both opticians and optical laboratories delivering the complete ophthalmic solution across the UK. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality product with excellent customer and aftercare service whilst keeping our prices very competitive.

Our online ordering system makes it easier and faster to access and order the products you need. We also offer express UK delivery with tracking service that sends you automated updates to keep you informed every step of the way.

To find out more about any of our lens coating services please contact us.

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Optimum’s Products



Our standard scratch resistant coating designed to give superior scratch resistance over uncoated lenses.



A multi-layer anti-reflective coating with hydrophobic top coat applied over our hardcoat to give excellent visual performance and durability.



Premium anti-reflective coating combines the benefits of optiMAR, with the addition of ultra-smooth oleophobic properties.

optiMAR UV Plus - Optimum RX Lens Specialists

optiMAR UV Plus

Excellent visual performance and durability with protection from front surface UV and back surface reflected UV with super hydrophobic and oleophobic properties.



Specifically designed to give added comfort and protection to users of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

optiGO In Motion antireflective coating - Optimum Rx Lens Specialists

NEW – optiGO In Motion

optiGO In Motion is our latest coating designed for everyday use and enhanced for low light and night time driving, minimises reflections and improved eye comfort in times of bad visibility.

optiFLASH - Mirror Lens Coatings


A semi-transparent mirror coating applied on the convex surface of a tinted or polarising lens. It is combined with an anti-reflective coating on the concave surface.

optiFORM - Optimum RX Lens Specialists


A personalised, back surface Freeform®  progressive lens, offering clear vision in all zones. Freeform®  technology is the worlds most advanced surfacing technology for creating premium finished lenses.

optiMEYES - Optimum RX Lens Specialists


The Free Form surface on the back side of the lens reduces aberrations normally created by the spherical curve on the front side.

optiCHROMIC Photochromic Lenses - Optimum RX Lens Specialists


optiCHROMIC lenses are optimised for super fast adaptation to changing light conditions, even in cold temperatures. Ideal for existing photochromic wearers looking for optimum fade back and enhanced aesthetics.



Optimum RX Lens Specialists optiSTAR range allows you to purchase all of your lenses from just one trusted and professional provider – saving you administration time and carriage costs!

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Why choose Optimum

You can place your orders on-line 24 hours a day 365 days a year, at a time that suits you best.
Track your order easily with our on-line tracking system, receive regular e-mail updates or you can speak to our team to get up to the minute delivery information. Our substantial investment in equipment means we never let our customers down.
Our years of development experience enable us to work efficiently, creating savings that we pass on to our customers. Gain extra margin by taking advantage of special offers and keeping up to date with what’s new at Optimum. Sign up for our regular email offers and promotions to make sure you don’t miss out on those extra discount opportunities.
We hold extensive stocks from all leading manufactures enabling us to provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Our Express coating service means your lenses will be treated and dispatched the day we receive them from you.
We are a wholly owned independent Company, this enables us to provide you with the right product free from any bias or influence at a very competitive price. We give you the freedom to purchase the products you want.
Our Customer Service team provide the friendliest most helpful support in the industry. How do we know? Our Customers tell us!!
Our coatings carry a full 2 year guarantee against any manufacturing defect from the date you supply the lenses to your customer. We are so confident that you will be fully satisfied with our products that we offer a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee – Would you expect anything less?

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1 day ago

As always, thank you to everyone for all of your support. It’s much appreciated ❤️🤓

1 day ago
Photos from Optimum RX Lens Specialists's post

The British weather is unpredictable right?! ☀️☔️🌤💨
Are you tired of changing between your clear lenses & sunglasses but you have a high RX? 🤔

We can produce SV Transitions with ... See more

1 week ago
Photos from Optimum RX Lens Specialists's post

Here we have an OptiForm Advanced 1.74 BLENDED FreeForm lens 👀

The RX is:
-21.00 / 2.00 & -18.25 / 0.75 with a reading addition of 2.50 🤓

If you have any queries about any RX's, please call ... See more

2 weeks ago
Photos from Optimum RX Lens Specialists's post

A 1.74 index FreeForm varifocal with a graduated tint PLUS a request to facet the lenses? Piece of cake 🍰

It's an OptiForm Advanced 1.74 from our FreeForm range glazed into a beautiful Chopard ... See more

2 weeks ago
Photos from Optimum RX Lens Specialists's post

🌞 Be prepared for summer with all RX’s 😎

Don’t assume that a high RX stops you from having a set of Polarised lenses. This a Blended Lenticular in a 1.74 index with an RX of:
-17.75 / ... See more

4 weeks ago
Photos from Optimum RX Lens Specialists's post

A 22 cyl produced & glazed to the best cosmetic finish I hear you say 🧐🤔📣
Look no further!

We have a SV 1.74 with the RX:
-8.50 / +9.50
-13.00 / +22.00

What do you think? Let us know in ... See more

1 month ago

Here’s the answer to our prism reveal 🤓

It’s a SV 1.74 index with +0.50 DS and 20 prism in.

How close were you with your guesses?

1 month ago
Photos from Optimum RX Lens Specialists's post

Would anyone like to guess the prism in the right eye? The only clue is that it’s a 1.74 index 🤓

It’s a SV in the right eye and a FreeForm 1.5 index in the left eye 👀

2 months ago
Photos from Optimum RX Lens Specialists's post

Do you remember the mega high cyl job?

Here’s the final pair, complete with a sunspec grey tint, (fingers crossed for some Spring sunshine!) 🌞

The full RX is:
+6.50 / -21.00
+7.00 / ... See more

2 months ago

Show some love for the adorably handsome Spot modelling our custom polarised lenses 🐶🐾😎

(No animals were harmed in the making of this post, he loved being a model) 📸

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