optiFORM Advanced

optiFORM Advanced

A personalised, back surface Freeform® progressive lens, offering clear vision in all zones. Freeform® technology is the worlds most advanced surfacing technology for creating premium finished lenses. Each is custom-made achieving the highest level of optical accuracy of 0.01D. Back surface optics is an innovative way of providing a wider field-of-view through all zones of the lens, by bringing fields of vision closer to the eye.


  • State-of-the-art back surface design.
  • Wider clear vision zones.
  • Reduced unwanted astigmatism and peripheral distortions.
  • Quick and simple adaption.
  • Choice of corridor lengths to suit all frames.
  • Advanced optics with hassle free ordering, just supply:
  • Prescription including Addition.
  • Mono PD’s and fitting heights.
  • Miminum fitting height’s of 13mm, 15mm, 17mm & 19mm available.
  • Please also ensure a minimum of 10mm above fitting cross to upper rim.
  • Always use the longest corridor possible to ensure optimum performance.
  • Frame measurements (A,B and DBL).
  • For maximum optimisation of lens thickness, please provide the frame shape.


optiFORM Advanced Ultra Short

optiFORM Advanced Ultra Short – MFH 11

Sometimes fashion frames are too small for regular progressive lenses and the wearer is forced to select a bigger frame. Ultra Short, specially developed for small frames, offers more options and flexibility to select the ideal progression length perfectly adapted to each frame.  New mathematical methods to control the progression length, new concept of short progressive design
has been engineered. Ultra short design has the perfect balance between far and near vision, for a lens that fits in the shortest fitting heights.


  • State-of-the-art back surface design
  • Developed for patients who want to wear small frames
  • Fast transition between far and near vision
  • Small progression length to adaptable to the smallest frames
  • Available in four progression lengths
  • High precision and high personalisation due to Digital Ray-Path® Technology
  • Clear vision in every gaze direction
  • Oblique astigmatism minimised
  • Variable inset: Automatic and manual
  • Frame shape personalisation available

optiFORM EDS – Exact Digital Surfacing

A perfectly balanced all-purpose design of progressive lens. Designed especially for experienced wearers, this premium progressive lens provides a wider field of view and ‘panoramic vision’. optiFORM EDS is a perfectly balanced all-purpose design made with default values. Pantoscopic tilt 12°, wrap-frame curvature 5° and back vertex distance 13mm with significantly extended viewing zones and balanced vision at near and far. Optimum quality vision for higher prescriptions and very good compatibility with most daily activities. Available with four minimum fitting heights 14, 16, 18 & 20mm.


optiFORM DIB – Digital Invisible Bifocal

DIB is a high quality digital invisible bifocal, made to focus with two different viewing areas. The top of the lens is for distance vision and the curved segment at the bottom is for reading.

It offers wide fields of clear vision for both distances. Because there is no power progression a sudden ‘jump’ between the two optical zones will be noticed. There are no lateral lobes of unwanted astigmatism because of not having a power progression; this provides wearers with comfortable vision and no distortion or swim effect.


  • High quality for distance and near vision
  • Wide distance and near visual fields
  • Clear vision in every gaze direction, no oblique astigmatism
  • Frame shape personalisation available
optiFORM Dual

optiFORM Dual

Combining the most sophisticated blank technology with state of the art free-form progressive lens design. optiFORM Dual has a flatter base curve for distance. Variable base curve makes the front surface a unique and totally new concept involving the stacking of different spheres, maximizing optical accuracy and aesthetic. The lens is manufactured according to the unique parameters of the user’s face and the selected spectacle frame.


  • Superior visual acuity, better vision in the reading area.
  • Full individualization and customization possible.
  • Wider reading area that is easier to find for most wearers.
  • Easier Adaptation for most wearers.
  • Flatter lenses allow better frame compatibility.
  • More cosmetically appealing on some RX’s.
  • When ordering, please also indicate:
  • Prescriptions for far vision.
  • Type of corridor.
  • Mono PD (R and L separately).
  • Pupil height, separately for R and L.
  • Pantoscopic tilt angle.
  • Frame curvature.
  • Back vertex distance.
  • Frame eye size (A and B).
  • Bridge width.
  • Variable inset (optional, indicate as appropriate).
optiFORM Dual
optiFORM Drive

optiFORM Drive

A Progressive lens engineered especially for driving. Driving is a task that has very specific optical requirements, the position of the dashboard, external and internal mirrors and the distance jump between looking at the road and looking inside the car makes this scenario very specific.


  • Developed for this specific task, far vision has being enhanced to provide the wearer with a perfect view of the road.
  • In view of the location of mirrors and digital devices, power distribution has been specially conceived to allow wearers to drive without unnecessary head movements, mirrors are located inside an astigmatism free zone and dynamic vision has also been improved, reducing astigmatism to the minimum.
  • Visual experience when driving is improved due to a wide far vision in configuration with the special needs of driving.
  • Personalised progressive lens engineered for driving View of mirrors and road has been optimized to provide the best optical solution on the road.
optiFORM Drive
optiFORM Smart

optiFORM Smart

Ideal wearers of optiFORM Smart lenses are people aged between 18 and 45 years who, because of their jobs or hobbies, spend much time using near vision.


Place the centration cross on the centre of the pupil using PD for far vision. Minimal fitting height (mm) 14.

optiFORM Smart 050

With an additional 0.50D, it is especially useful for people who spend much time working at a computer. Thanks to the light power addition in the lower part of the lens it is more comfortable to work with computers, and wearers will notice how their eyes get less tired.

optiFORM Smart 075

With an additional 0.75D, it is the preferred option for the wearer who reads more. Due to the proximity of the object, the eye needs power for focusing and thanks to the 0.75D addition provided by this design wearers do not have so much effort in accommodation, thus reducing visual fatigue.


  • An innovative design to reduce visual fatigue amongst consumers mainly in their 30s.
  • Reduces effort when reading, working with computers or playing video games.
  • Design has been calculated to reduce continuous effort of accommodation.
  • Reduces eyestrain by providing the wearer with a small addition in the lower part of the lens.
  • High-quality features in the near zone.
  • High precision and high personalization due to digital free form technology.
  • Indirectly reduces astigmatism.
  • Prescriptions for far vision.
  • Mono PD (R and L separately).
  • Design is produced with default values.
  • Pantoscopic angle 8°.
  • Wrap-frame curvature 5°.
  • Back vertex distance 13 mm.
  • Relaxed, clear and sharp vision in all zones.
optiFORM Smart
optiFORM Smart

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