Lens Supply and Manufacture

Prescription RX Lens Manufacture & Supply

We offer a comprehensive prescription Lens Supply Service for a broad range of lens types, inclusive of coatings. Plus we offer FREE lens optimisation, the latest calculation software and advanced generation capability too.

Our selection of lenses

  • Single Vision Surfaced & Stock Lenses
  • Bi-Focal
  • Standard Progressives
  • Digital Surface Progressives
  • Sun & Photochromic


Optimum RX Lens Specialists have launched a new optiSTAR range.  So you can now purchase all of your lenses from just one trusted and professional provider – saving you administration time and carriage costs!


The Free Form surface on the back side of the lens reduces aberrations normally created by the spherical curve on the front side.


A personalised, back surface Freeform® progressive lens, offering clear vision in all zones. Freeform® technology is the worlds most advanced surfacing technology for creating premium finished lenses.