Coating Overview

Optimum – The Lens Coating Specialists

Our laboratory offers a wide range of lens services for plastic, polycarbonate and glass lenses. All our coatings perform in the upper quartile for hardness and QUVT (accelerated weathering). The anti-reflection coatings have an average reflectance of 0.5% or 99.50% transmission over the visible spectrum. We supply opticians and ophthalmic stores across the UK. An express service together with express delivery is available. We also manufacture and supply prescription Rx lenses.

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Our standard scratch resistant coating designed to give superior scratch resistance over uncoated lenses.


Our multi-layer anti-reflective coating with hydrophobic top coat applied over our hardcoat to give excellent visual performance, durability and great value.

optiMAR UV

Our multi-layer anti-reflective coating with hydrophobic top coat now with back UV protection.


Our premium anti-reflective coating combines the benefits of optiMAR, with the addition of ultra-smooth oleophobic properties. Electro static charges are eliminated by a conductive layer within the MAR coating.


Specifically designed to give added comfort and protection to users of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.


A semi-transparent mirror coating applied on the convex surface of a tinted or polarising lens. It is combined with an anti-reflective coating on the concave surface and back UV protection.